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Partnering for a Change: Sponsorship

Thank you for considering SOP Foundation as a potential partner in your organisation's mission to create positive change. We are delighted to learn of your interest in seeking sponsorship and donations from us. At SOP Foundation, we believe that collaboration is the cornerstone of transformative impact, and we are excited to explore the possibilities of working together.

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General Conditions
& Eligibility Criteria

To ensure that we can effectively support organisations that align with our mission and values, we have established the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Applicant organisations must hold valid registration with the appropriate regulatory authorities, such as the Registrar of Societies Malaysia.

  2. Organisations are required to be physically based in and actively conducting operations within Malaysia.

  3. Demonstrate a clear alignment between your project/initiative and one of the specified pillars (Education, Community & Health, Sports, Environment, or Arts & Culture).

  4. Requests for funding may be submitted by organisations or agencies once annually, within a calendar year.

  5. If your event is held in less than six (6) weeks from the application date, your request will not be considered.

  6. Be able to provide necessary documentation, including financial statements and project proposals, if requested.


To help you better understand our focus areas, here are our five key pillars, along with examples aligned with each pillar.

Our 5 Key Pillars


We support initiatives that enhance access to quality education, such as funding scholarships, building maintenance for schools, and providing educational resources to underserved communities.


We promote community well-being by supporting projects that improve access to healthcare, clean water, and sanitation facilities, as well as initiatives that foster community cohesion and resilience.


We believe in the power of sports to inspire and empower. We support programs that provide sports opportunities to disadvantaged youth, promote physical fitness, and teach valuable life skills.


We are committed to environmental sustainability. We fund projects that address environmental issues, such as reforestation, waste management, and renewable energy initiatives.


We recognise the importance of arts and culture in enriching communities. We support initiatives that preserve cultural heritage, promote artistic expression, and provide opportunities for creative exploration.


While we are committed to supporting organisations dedicated to positive change, there are certain exclusions to our sponsorship and donation offerings:

  1. Political Organisations: We do not provide sponsorship or donations to political organisations.

  2.  Profit-Driven Initiatives: Organisations primarily driven by profit-making objectives are not typically eligible for sponsorship or donations.

  3. Non-Transparent Entities: Organisations with opaque financial practices or a lack of transparency may not be considered.

Ready to explore opportunities for collaboration? If your organisation aligns with our mission and key pillars, we encourage you to apply today!

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Prepared to join forces?
  • How do I apply for sponsorship or donations from SOP Foundation?
    To apply for sponsorship or donations, please follow our official application process outlined on this page. Unsolicited proposals may not be considered.
  • What types of projects or initiatives does SOP Foundation typically support?
    SOP Foundation supports initiatives that align with our mission, specified pillar, and core values. Please review our eligibility criteria for more details and see the examples provided.
  • How long does it take for SOP Foundation to process sponsorship and donation requests?
    The processing time for sponsorship and donation requests can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the proposal, the alignment with our mission and pillars, and the current volume of requests. We strive to review each proposal thoroughly to ensure that it aligns with our values and has the potential to make a positive impact.
  • What if my organisation's project or initiative doesn't align with any of the specified key pillars?
    At SOP Foundation, our primary focus is on projects and initiatives that align with our key pillars - Education, Community & Health, Sports, Environment, and Arts & Culture. However, we understand that innovative and unique projects may not always fit neatly into these categories. If your project doesn't align with a specific pillar but still promotes positive change, please proceed with your application and clearly explain how it contributes to our mission and values. Our evaluation process takes into consideration projects that may not fit directly within our key pillars but align with our overarching goal of making a positive impact in communities. We encourage you to be thorough in your proposal to help us understand the significance of your project.
  • Is there an appeal process if my organisation's sponsorship or donation request is declined?
    No, SOP Foundation's decision regarding sponsorship and donation requests is final. We carefully review each proposal to ensure alignment with our mission, specified pillar, and eligibility criteria. While we understand that circumstances may vary, our decisions are made with the utmost consideration. We encourage organizations to carefully review our eligibility criteria and ensure that their proposal clearly demonstrates alignment with our values and goals before submitting a request.
  • Can individuals apply for sponsorship, or is it limited to organisations?
    SOP Foundation may consider both individual and organisational applications, depending on the nature of the project. Check the eligibility criteria for clarification.
  • Who can I contact?
    Drop your message via our contact form
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