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Growing with Local Community

About the Foundation

Lead by Tan Sri Datuk Ling Chiong Ho, SOP Foundation, a remarkable organisation dedicated to sustainable development, education enrichment, community empowerment, nurturing arts & culture, sports and environmental stewardship.


Our foundation is driven by a vision to create a positive impact on the lives of Malaysians, transcending color and culture through responsible and ethical practices. Central to our mission is the promotion of unity and inclusivity, cultivating a caring society that upholds positive moral values within multicultural communities.


Our Vision

The SOP Foundation envisions a future where sustainable development, community prosperity, and environmental stewardship are at the forefront of Sarawak's progress. Inspired by the legacy of Sarawak Oil Palms Berhad's formation through the partnership between the UK's Commonwealth Development Corporation (CDC) and the Sarawak Government in 1968, our vision is rooted in the principles of social responsibility and economic empowerment. 

Our Missions

The SOP Foundation is dedicated to driving sustainable development via community well-being, and education advancement in Malaysia. Our mission is twofold:


SOP Foundation endeavors to support schools, educators, and students through various educational programs, scholarships, and resources, aiming to enhance learning outcomes, critical thinking skills, and career opportunities.

Community & Health

SOP Foundation collaborates with local partners and health organizations to improve healthcare facilities, promote disease prevention, and provide medical assistance to vulnerable populations. 


SOP Foundation encourages youth participation in sports and physical activities, promoting values such as determination, respect, and fair play. 


Our initiatives focus on promoting renewable energy, reducing carbon footprints, preserving biodiversity, and advocating for eco-friendly practices to ensure a greener and cleaner planet.

Arts & Culture

Art and culture are the essence of human expression and identity. SOP Foundation aims to preserve and celebrate diverse cultural heritage, promoting artistic endeavors, and encouraging creativity. 

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